Friday, June 1, 2007

pain and discomfort.

2. For short haired dogs, you can now trim any excess ear hair. This can be done by pulling your dog's ear back over his head and laying it next to his skull. This will protect the delicate parts of his ear canal. By trimming his hair, you can prevent trapped dirt, bacteria and moisture from entering his ear canal, enabling you to take a closer look into his ear canal and give him a neater appearance.

3. For long haired dogs, you will have to gently remove each hair with your fingers, specialized dog tweezers, or a dog hair removing apparatus. Only remove one hair at a time to minimize pain and discomfort.

4. For those of you squeamish about plucking, you can utilize specialized scissors with a blunt end. Just be careful not to injury your dog when using this method and to take your time to ensure that you do a good job. If your dog seems fidgety or uncooperative, then you may wish to try later.

5. Next, you'll need to utilize a specialized dog ear cleaning wash. These specialized washes are created to clear out debris, prevent infections, and leave your dog's ears with a fresh clean scent. Here's how:

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