Friday, June 1, 2007

not too hot or cold.

Take the ear wash bottle and hold it under some warm water for a minute to ensure that it is not too hot or cold.

• Next, squirt or pour some of the warmed liquid directly into your dog's ears. When squirting the liquid, do not touch your dog's ears with the tip of the bottle as this could startle the dog and cause you to injure him by jamming the bottle into his ear.

• Close your dog's ear, apply a bit of light pressure and then massage the liquid up and down to ensure that it gets into his inner ear and canal.

• Stop massaging and let your dog shake off the extra liquid.

• When he is finished, evaluate your dog's ears again to make sure that all the debris and wax has been removed. If not, you may have to repeat the procedure.

• Next, take a cotton ball and then use it to wipe the inside of his ear. Be careful to remove any excess liquid.

• Give your dog a special treat or some attention for being so cooperative during the ear washing procedure.

In conclusion, proper dog grooming techniques can help prevent dog ear infections. By taking the time to evaluate your dog for signs of infection, evaluating his ears, trimming excessive hair, and using a specialized dog ear cleaning wash, your dog will have fresh and clean ears that are infection free.

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