Wednesday, May 30, 2007



The second thing that is important to think about before really gather all of your wedding table ideas is the venue for the reception. You will want to decorate for an outdoor spring wedding very differently then a indoor winter wedding. For example if you are doing an outdoor wedding your might want to simplify your decorations and go for a more natural look and feel. However since outdoor reception tend to be in very open spaces you will want your decorations to be on a larger scale albeit simply and natural.


Very similar to taking your theme into account while planning for the reception decorations if you have chosen any colors for the wedding now is the time to pull these in also. If your bridesmaid dresses are all a deep purple then you might not want to use contrasting and bright colors for the table clothes or in the decorations. Instead you will want to subtly enhance the colors of the bridesmaid dresses. In that case you might want to use some very light pastel purples or even white.

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